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Monroe County Tobacco Coalition at the Monroe County Extention Office

219 B Ave West, Albia, Iowa 52531

Phone: 641-932-5612 FAX: 641-932-5662 or E-Mail:

Smoking: Talking with your Teen

If your teen smokes

If you suspect your teen smokes, try to talk calmly. An honest dialogue, not an argument, will help keep your relationship with your teen, even if he or she is smoking.

Be direct about your con-cerns, but try not to punish, label for blame. Tell your teen how the behavior affect you: "I'm worried that…..," "I'm afraid….". Be clear about what you will allow in your home. Will you allow smoking in any part of the house? Out-side? In the car? Around younger siblings? Explain why these rules matter to you. Acknowledge that the choice about smoking is your teen’s to make. Stress your hope that he or she will think carefully about the consequences. Talk again, even if talking doesn't seem to have changed your teens behavior. Try not to nag.

Your goal is to keep the con-versation open. Encourage your teen to stop smoking. The longer a person smokes, the harder it is to quit. Let your teen know you'll do any-thing you can to help.

Many teens who smoke say they’ll quit soon. Most are still smoking 5 years later.

For more information on tobacco go to and




from the

Monroe County

Tobacco Coalition

The American Lung Assn. in Iowa advocated to maintain two key tobacco priorities in 2012:

1) funding for the Iowa Dept. of Public Health's Division  of Tobacco Use Prevention and Control budget and

2) the Iowa Smokefree Air Act. The legislature, unfortunately, moved forward with cuts to this budget.

The American Lung Assn. in Iowa will continue to advocate for the smoke free air and to maintain the state's tobacco control funding. To read more go to:





Guess what. There’s a billion dollar industry focusing its attention on YOU. How’s it feel to be so popular? Of course the bad news is the industry is Big Tobacco, and your life and lungs are being targeted! Why? To replace the 1,200 people their products kill every single day. Okay, so now how's it feel?

Big Tobacco's been lying for years. They used their money to put smoking in the movies, pay doctors to say smoking is ok and hired scientists to hook people to spit tobacco in the shortest amount of time. They compared tobacco to candy and even used sweet flavors to get kids to start using.

That's why a bunch of teens from all over Iowa banded together to form JEL. And the mission is Just Eliminate Lies.

We need you to get the message out! We need teens who are willing to do insane stunts. To speak out. To feed the noise. To expose the lies.

The ACHS JEL members were at this years 2010 Monroe County Fair to recruit members for their cause. They did face panting, gave out balloons for the kids and JEL T-shirts to recruits.

If you missed them at the fair be sure to look them up in your school. Meetings will start this month.

Be watching for the JEL meeting locker posters in your school, or call the ISU Extension Office at 932-5612 for more information and ask for Autumn Denato.



Call today for:

Your Health

Your Family

Your Life!

Statisitcs show that 83% of Iowa smokers WANT TO QUIT, but can't...

If you smoke and want to quit, why not start today? Don't let the fact that you've tried before and could not break the habit stop you from trying again.

Many people do not succeed on the first try. It often takes several tries to quit for good. The good news is there are many resources to help you. One of these is a free service: Quitline Iowa, just a phone call away. Call: 1-800-784-8669.  Make that call!  Get a head start on improving your health. Everybody who smokes will stop sooner or later - either by design or by death. All you need to do is make the choice!

Quitline Iowa service is FREE by calling 1-800-784-8669.  You can get help today to quit FOREVER!


On June 22nd, 2009, President Obama signed the Family Smoking Prevention Act, giving the FDA more control over tobacco products. One of the changes taking place because of this is that since September 22nd, 2009 flavored tobacco products like vanilla, bubblegum, cotton candy, strawberry and chocolate to name a few are illegal to sell. It is believed that these flavors were meant to attract and addict young people.

June 22nd 2010 prohibition of the terms "light" "low" and "Mild" and all similar discriptors in cigarette and smokeless tobacco advertising, labeling and marketing takes effect! Another step forward!

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