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What's New at the Albia Police Department?

Equalitis Subter Juris


Hiring Information

The Albia Police Department IS currently taking applications for  Police Officer!

Taking applications until March 1st at 5PM!

Call Renee at 641-932-7815 



For information on becoming a Law Enforcement Officer in the State of Iowa, go to the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy's website and click on:

"how can I become a certified officer?"

Fire Deaths and Injuries: Prevention Tips 

  • Never leave food unattended on a stove.

  • Keep cooking areas free of flammable objects (such as, potholders and towels).

  • Avoid wearing clothes with long, loose-fitting sleeves when cooking. 

  • Never smoke in bed or leave burning cigarettes unattended.
  • Do not empty smoldering ashes in a trash can, and keep ashtrays away from upholstered furniture and curtains.
  • Never place portable space heaters near flammable materials (such as, drapery).
  • Keep all matches and lighters out of reach of children. Store them up high, preferably in a locked cabinet.
  • Install smoke alarms on every floor of the home, including the basement, and particularly near rooms in which people sleep.
  • Use long-life smoke alarms with lithium-powered batteries and hush buttons, which allow persons to stop false alarms quickly. If long-life alarms are not available, use regular alarms, and replace the batteries annually.
  • Test all smoke alarms every month to ensure they work properly.
  • Devise a family fire escape plan and practice it every 6 months. In the plan, describe at least two different ways each family member can escape every room, and designate a safe place in front of the home for family members to meet after escaping a fire.
  • If possible, install or retrofit fire sprinklers into home.

Sources: Adapted from recommendations of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the U.S. Fire Administration, the National Fire Protection Agency, and CDC.

More Injury Prevention Tips for You and Your Family

Strategies for Fire-related Injury Prevention

The Albia Police Department would like to say "thank you" to all of the military heros fighting for our freedoms here and overseas.

A special thought goes out to all our Military Law Enforcement brothers and sisters, along with all the brave men and women serving our country so honorably in the Armed Forces.  

This message and a yellow ribbon will be displayed on this site until their safe return.


"I want to become an Officer."


For information regarding "what it takes" to be a Law Enforcement Officer in the State of Iowa, go to the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy's website and click on 

"how can I become a certified Officer?"

An application packet including benefits, pay, requirements, and additional information may be picked up at the Albia Police Department, or mailed upon request when the Department is taking applications.

Bicycle Licensing Stickers Offered in Albia. 

In an ongoing effort to serve the community better, The Albia Police Department is offering residents and those in surrounding areas the ability to purchase a bicycle license in a sticker form to be placed on the bicycle.  Information regarding a description of the bicycle and owner's contact information will be registered with the Albia Police Department in a discreet manner, with the hopes of being better able to return a missing/stolen bicycle to its owner, and to advance the investigation of theft charges against the appropriate parties.

The stickers are made of theft deterrent materials and offered for the price of $1.00. 

Please help your child or yourself  protect your bicycles by using this tool.  


Albia Police Department - Albia, Iowa